Medicaid Coordination

What Does A Southeast Works Medicaid Service Coordinator Do?

A Southeast Works Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) is responsible for helping the families and care providers of persons with developmental disabilities stay informed of available programs and services and assists in the process of enrollment for desired and/or needed services. MSCs meet with participants at least three times per year with at least one home visit to ensure face-to-face communication between the MSC and family members or care providers, laying the basic foundation for the relationship to grow between an individual and his or her Service Coordinator.

Southeast Works MSCs are advocates for the participants they serve and have over 26 combined years of experience to draw from. Information is freely shared and all MSCs back each other up in situations requiring attention and extra assistance. Examples are: locating a new physician/medical specialist, recommending an experienced attorney for trust or guardianship issues, or discovering where reading classes might be offered in the community.

Southeast Works Eligibility Coordinators have assisted several individuals with enrolling and qualifying for Medicaid, which can open the door to services beneficial to persons with developmental disabilities. Each person and situation will be inherently different.

Specific Benefits offered…

  • Create the opportunity for a lifetime of service through Southeast Works
  • Assist families in their child’s aging our from high school to the work force
  • Assistance in establishing/maintaining Medicaid eligibility
  • Link families with experienced, Medicaid-accepting providers and specialists
  • Link individuals and families with desired services such as Pre-Vocational, Supported Employment, ACESS-VR, Day Programming, Respite, as well as Residential Habilitation Services
  • Assisting in arranging transportation to and from desired services
  • Assist families in procuring environmental modifications if needed.
  • Assist families in understanding and participating in the Individualized Service Plan
  • Access to establishing guardianship procedure
  • Assist families in establishing a Supplemental Needs Trust to manage significant resources
  • Assist in procuring medical services
  • Assist in obtaining/maintaining benefits to which the individual is entitled including Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income, as well as SNAP benefits (Food Stamps)

Frequently asked Questions about an MSC's Job.

  1. What is Service Coordination?
    Service Coordination is the active assistance offered to individuals as they navigate the community and various service systems. Service Coordination is the support offered to individuals in their pursuit of the necessary and desired services and the supports that will assist them in achieving or maintaining their personal goals. Service Coordination promotes the concepts of personal choice, individualized services and supports, and individual satisfaction.
  2. What is the role of the Service Coordinator?
    Service Coordinators help people explore what they want and need in life, and then assist them in getting it. They work in partnership with the person and family to develop, implement, and maintain the person’s life plan. Service Coordinators assist people to attain the highest quality of life and live as independently and productively as possible.
  3. Service Coordinators assist in what areas?
    Service Coordinators can assist an individual with linkage to any of the following areas: Living Arrangements, Health Services, Vocational /Educational Services, Recreational Services, and/or Financial Services.
  4. Who is eligible for Service Coordination?
    Individuals with a diagnosis of a developmental disability, and are enrolled in Medicaid, and choose to receive Service Coordination Services, may be eligible for enrollment.

If you or someone you know does not have a service coordinator and would like to speak to someone or if you feel you need to explore alternative opportunities, please contact Chris Parisi at 683-7100 extension 229.

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