Behavior Support

The behavioral department is committed to provide reliable analysis of behavior and quality behavioral insight in the development of plans. While the agency’s behavioral approach is rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis and functional assessment, Southeast works takes a larger, systems view of behavior and attempts to formulate interventions that promote the development of healthy and supportive environments.

Social Skills

Workshops and Residences

Here individuals who are having difficulty with each other sit and engage in various social activities (board games, card games, etc). During this time they are interacting in a positive way and learning and developing coping skills.

Living Together

In residences the task of living with 5 to 14 other people can be challenging. In this group we offer an open forum to vent frustrations and then learn how each person in the home can support the others in managing their frustration. The notion of learning how to become friends to increase fondness and caring that can help smooth out the inevitable difficult times is stressed.

As the agency continues to grow the opportunities for further behavioral discovery within this population expands.  By focusing on intense skill building, working together as teams, our hope is to support our individuals as they learn and grow.   

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